Friday, August 26, 2011

Loose Change

All I want to do is tell you stories as we throw back whisky around a flaming campfire. We'll be in Yellowstone in a few days, people. It's not too late to have the best evacuation destination evah & come join us for some soft-side camping. Hey, you'll likely be without power or work, so why not??

So much has happened in such a small space that I feel packed to the brim and creatively constipated. (Accepting your laxative recommendations for this particular form of stopped up!)

What I can say here & now is that mountains have tops, which you can do whatever it takes to reach, without ever really being ready or knowing how the other side may look. Sobbing, cursing & hysterical happiness are definite likelihoods.

Also, letting someone see you, in the most sacred ways that no one ever sees you, is a sound decision and highly recommended--no matter the trembles it may cause in your usually still water.

Also, get out of your head and into your body whenever humanly possible. Pick your poison--swimming, sex, masturbation, drumming. It matters not what you do, but that you do whatever it takes to get your body moving. I swear, your psyche will be so so thankful.

And last but not least, I dare you to write a completely true story. Something from your past. Write it with so much truth that it makes you chuckle or cry or both. Share it only with one or two people, for which you know it will have the same effect.

These are the things I've been up to lately as we cycle from the Rez across the long stretch of Wyoming into Yellowstone.

We've been stopping every two days, practically, to unwind emotional, physical & spiritual tension. It's been a slow two weeks, bike-wise, but a necessary speed in order to synch up such a transformative period with the here-and-now.

What's going on in your here-and-now? The space is yours for the sharing in the comments below.

PS-If you're wondering if I'd weep or laugh hysterically over your story, the answer is YES. Waiting eagerly at rachmddx at gmail dot com.

IMPORTANT ANECDOTE :: When I'm physically constipated (which happens with unfortunate consistency) I report my poop droppings to Brian in terms of loose change... "A few quarters, but that's it." "Not even pennies!" "Maybe, like, 5 dimes." ... This was a loose change blog update. Have no fear, though. The laws of nature make it so that everything eventually squeezes out. More soon. (I hope! ;)

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  1. Regarding your "mountains have tops" comment...
    Judy, Aaron, and I climbed to the top of Mt. Washburn at Yellowstone about two weeks ago. Judy and I (the 50+ crowd) planned to hike for an hour and turn back. Aaron in his youthfulnessity kept pointing out that the Lookout Tower (at the top) was getting closer (but I don't think it was) and that we could make it. Our legs nearly fell off twice, but we found ourselves at the top with the most amazing view of Yellowstone and even a glimpse of the Tetons in the southern most horizon.
    We had run into a lot of French-speaking folks on this trip and for some reason I started humming Aldebert's version of "Carpe Diem" (seize the day)....which is at if you're interested.
    If you want more about our trip, check out my blog at (this episode of mountain climbing is in the video on that page)
    Thanks for sharing your journey...ride on!