Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Final Push for Friday!

You all have been sooo great! With the $3,330 you've donated we've been able to give 66 children on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation a safe warm place to sleep!!

We need your help one more time. In order to get to our goal of $5,000 by Friday we need $1,770 more. Rach and I left the Rez less than a week ago and we can't get it out of our heads or hearts.

Please help us get to our goal and better yet, help the Lakota children get a safe warm bed to sleep in.

Any amount you can muster is incredible. Here are some suggested rates:

  • $10 Gives Solidarity from the budgeted, but hopeful

  • $25 Gives Mattress, Sheets and Pillows

  • $50 Gives a Full Night Sleep

  • $100 Gives Two Kids Sound Rest so they Can Focus in School

  • $150 Gives Three Kids Sweet Dreams

  • $200 Gives a Family of Four Peace of Mind

  • $500 Gives the Whole Big Family Comfort Every Night

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping our Lakota friends!

*The tracker doesn't have the extra $500 on it because we got some checks in the mail going towards our goal.

How we got here:

Story of Pine Ridge

Start of our Campaign

The Progress

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