Biking Cross Country

In the summer of 2009, while leaving Pine Ridge American Indian Reservation after volunteering with Re-Member, we got a crazy look in our eyes.

"Let's bike back here." 
"You want to?" 
"Yeah. I really do." 

And we squealed with excitement.

Our crazy idea turned into a monumental plan: Why stop at South Dakota? Why not go all the way? Why stop at the Pacific Ocean? Why not explore the coast? Why stop at the coast? Why not see the canyons? Why focus on a destination? Why not create a lifestyle?

SO--We're selling all our belongings, packing up our panniers, and fueling our souls for a 8 month exploration that has no clear end or stopping point. (Yes, it's a bit maddening, but we are the MadWard after all.)

We have a route, we have destinations, we have treasures that we're certainly seeking, but the red X of our map is always with us on our bikes. The spot we're most looking for is an acute wakefulness to the adventure, calamity, or breeze we're amidst. Nothing more sacred will be with us on this trip, than our ability to be with each other -- and ourselves -- through whatever comes our way.

Thanks for reading, for caring about our journey. It means the world to have support as we venture out into unknown territories of being human. We'd love to receive e-mails, well wishes, or phone calls along the way.

Please stop by our donation page, which details our commitment to raising funds and awareness for the Lakota tribe on Pine Ridge Reservation. Thanks!