Who We Are

We are Rachael Maddox & Brian Ward, lovers, travelers of earth, and life partners. We are on a non-conventional path, dedicated to living fulfilling and impacting lives that are good for our souls and good for the world. We're so excited to share our experiences with you, and hope that our leaps into the unknown can be a force of inspiration.

A Little More Juicy Info...

We are friendly, outgoing and definite conversationalists.
We are community organizers, activists, leftists, students, and teachers.
We are open, accepting, curious, and ready to expand our minds and beliefs.
We are dreamers, artists, musicians, and adventurers.
We are goof balls, dancers, and pro-fun people.
We are bikers, hikers, chefs, talkers, and doers.
We believe that every mishap has within it a lesson to be found.
We're a bit sappy but we also laugh at ourselves about this.
We love to travel and see life through a different lens, through the eyes of our fellow human beings.
We are truth-seekers and revolutionaries.
We are in it for the long haul.