We would love to stay with friends, family, and people who know people in far out places! If you're along this route and would be willing to host us in your home or back yard (we've got tents), we'd be honored and thrilled by your hospitality. Please contact us at or We'll be updating our route with smaller towns along the way as they're added. We'd also love any suggestions of special things to see and do. Thanks!

Connections are needed in locations marked with orange and places in between almost all large cities!

Dates (which are subject to minor or major changes) designate the arrivals to magical locations:

April 1 -- Depart from Washington, DC on Brian's 25th birthday!
April 5 -- Cumberland, MD
April 11 -- Pittsburgh, PA
April 19 -- Columbus, OH
April 23 -- Lawrenceburg, IN [Bri's fam]
April 28 -- Bloomington, IN
May 3 -- Indianapolis, IN
May 5 -- [flying to Tampa for Bri's brother's wedding!] 
May 11 -- West Lafayette, IN
May 13 -- Hoopeston, IL [Bri's fam]
May 18 -- Chicago, IL
May 24 -- Milwaukee, WI
May 27 -- Madison, WI [Bri's fam]
June 2 -- [Rach flys to Portland for the World Domination Summit]
June 15 -- Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN [Bri's fam]
June 26 -- Brookings, SD
July 4 -- Badlands National Park
July 8 -- August 12th -- Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, SD
August  16 -- Spearfish, SD
August 28 -- Yellowstone, WY
September 6 -- Missoula, MT (rented a car to drive to Portland, OR)
September 10 -- Portland, OR
September 29 -- Seattle, WA (train up to visit friends)
October 8 -- Pacific City, OR
October 17 -- Redwood National Park
October 21 -- Mendocino, CA (with Rachael's parents)
October 25 -- Bay Area, CA
November 1 -- Placerville, CA [Bri's fam]
November 4 -- Training home from Sacramento, CA
Novmeber 7 -- Arrive home to Union Station in Washington, DC

Generally, this is a broad call for hook-ups. Wacky uncles, raging festivals, naked critical mass bike rides. You name it, we want it. Will you be our MadWard Adventures Tour Book? All advice & connections welcome here! And a big Thank You in advance!