Monday, August 1, 2011

Bedtime Stories from the Rez

Damian excited for is new bed!

Dear Friends... You're rockin' it! So far, your generosity has raised $2,815 of our $5,000 goal to provide beds for Lakota children on Pine Ridge Reservation. It only took 34 donors to raise over 50%. With that kind of lovin', we're confident that by the time we leave Re-Member on August 7th, we'll be able to reach our goal of 100 new beds for our Lakota friends! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

But first, a few stories to let you know who you're money's helping.

Last week I was able to deliver beds to some very happy children. In total, 19 beds delivered in 6 hours all over the Rez.

I've been getting to know Ampo and Tyra Red Cloud (7 and 12 years old, respectively) over the past few weeks, as Re-Member has been repairing their grandparents' roof. At first Ampo was shy, but after a few days getting to know us, he warmed right up and became an excited helper--both curious and careful. He helped with the roof, and when we pulled up with the trailer of bunk bed parts, he couldn't wait to screw them together. We hustled into the one-room home and constructed the bunks next to the family TV. Ampo's house is one of 3 small trailers that the 20-person family occupies and the only one with electricity, so on really hot days, the whole family crowds in for a respite from the sun.

Ampo and I have developed a special bond over the weeks, so I was happy beyond words to see his huge grin when he finally climbed that latter and jumped into his fresh, new bed.

Here is Dakota, who was 3 years old and getting his first bed! Before we came with the beds the whole family was sleeping on the large bed in the middle of the living room. His face was priceless.

The best story of the day was speaking to Velvet, who was the grandmother of Damian and others. She purposefully scheduled Re-Member to come when her whole family was gone so she could surprise them with the beds. They'd been waiting for weeks and she said to me, "I have been praying for this". Its amazing what a little bed will do for the morale of a family.

Building beds is a simple and easy way to help the Lakota, who have been the subject to oppression by the U.S. government for years. It's a band-aide, yes, but an important morale booster and something we can give.

Help us reach our goal by the end of this week!! We only need $2,185. Imagine if 90 people gave $25 or if 23 people gave a $100... 50 more kids would have a comfortable place to sleep at night. Any amount you can muster is incredible. Here are some suggested rates:
  • $10 Gives Solidarity
  • $25 Gives Mattress, Sheets and Pillows
  • $50 Gives a Full Night Sleep
  • $100 Gives Two Kids Sound Rest so they Can Focus in School
  • $150 Gives Three Kids Sweet Dreams
  • $200 Gives a Family of Four Peace of Mind
  • $500 Gives the Whole Big Family Comfort Every Night

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping our Lakota friends!

*The tracker doesn't have the extra $500 on it because we got some checks in the mail going towards our goal.

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