Have you ever been to a place that changed you forever?  Do you know how it feels to need to go back? We do. The place was Pine Ridge American Indian Reservation. The organization was Re-Member. And our experiences there in the spring and summer of 2009 deeply inspired us. We decided we'd bike back as soon as possible--next time for an extended stay.

Well folks, next time is now, and we're on our way.

Will you help us help the Lakota?
Out of every donation we receive for our trip, 100% will be passed on to Re-Member, a tremendous non-profit organization on the Rez.

Help Us Help the Lakota

The donation that goes to Re-Member will be spent supporting their vision and mission.

Re-Member's Vision:
RE-MEMBER is an organization that exists to recall our country's treatment of the Native people of the Americas and to repair the broken pieces of that relationship. 

Re-Member's Mission:
Guided by the aspirations of the Oglala Lakota communities we serve, RE-MEMBER seeks to improve the quality of life on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota through relationships, shared resources, and volunteer services. Through work projects and cultural immersion, we continue to develop a growing circle of advocates standing in solidarity with the Lakota people on Pine Ridge.

If you are moved or inspired by the work of Re-Member, please feel free to donate directly to them, in lieu of donating to us at all.