Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Done List

Going away party. Check.
Furniture moved. Check.
Bags packed. Check.
Homemade energy bars. Check.
Dreamy bike floating in parking lot sky. Check.
Sexy, fun, cute, blue dress. Check.
Sob-fest in bedroom tent. Check.
Cell phone tracking app to make mom & dad happy. Check.
Buzz cut. Check.
Chain cleaning. Check.
Binge eating to store calories. Check.
Amazingly sweet and unexpected blessings from loved ones. Check.
Ukulele tabs. Check.
Excitement. Check.
Support. Check.
Trust. Check.

Check. Check. Check.

Still, there are 100 things to do before Friday... people to connect with, food to buy, floors to scrub, papers to grade, cars to sell, computers to fix. But we haven't been keeping to-do lists. Not one! We're just swimming our way through, paying attention to what's needed in the moment, holding our arms out to catch each others falling pieces and knowing that what this whole process needs more than anything, is love. The kind of love that chooses togetherness over efficiency because it feels so much better. The kind of love that puts off all the to-do's when there are to-be-with's calling. The kind of love that says YES to what's right in front of us--whatever it is. That love is our foundation, our strength, our motivation and our wisdom; no to-do list could ensure a security or safety stronger. No to-do list could keep up with the rapid pace of every moment. No to-do list could love like this.

So instead, we celebrate.

The Done List.


What's on your done list? Let's celebrate together.