Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Within 7 month's time we hope to experience...

Rachael and I sat down yesterday and started seriously thinking about our 7 month bike trip across the country starting April 1, 2011. We did this by listing all the things we both want to experience before the end of the trip. So here they are!

Within 7 month's time we hope to experience...

fear and courage
conversations that move us to tears
warm and friendly strangers who welcome us into their homes
the great outdoors
animals giving birth
meteor showers
clear starry nights
sunflower fields
mountain tops
100 different colored birds
double rainbows
tornadoes that do don't endanger us and/or others
milking cows
staying on farms
eating fresh eggs and meeting the chicken
sowing seeds
participating in political struggles/protests
spending time with old friends and family
writing songs together
being serenaded by really beautiful folk singers
having someone cook us an incredible farm-fresh veggie dinner
being woken up by loud birds at night
falling asleep and waking up with the sun
having sex in the middle of the woods, tentless and open to the elements
falling asleep under the stars
leaving love letters across the country
being welcomed into radically loving communities
spending days in silence
going to a rodeo
going to a sweat lodge
meeting bloggers
meeting fellow activists
telling an inspirational story to a group of people who need it
writing Socialist Worker articles
writing with the intention of inspiring, healing and daring you to act
shaving our heads
bathing in rivers
not bathing at all
taking photographs everyday
talking to anybody and everybody
listening to the land/having conversations with it
meeting people who revolutionize the way we think about things
informing people about the Lakota, sharing the hidden history and present day reality
convening with our nearest and dearest on Pine Ridge
getting taken out on someone's boat
having someone take us parasailing for free
becoming friends with the animals
being blessed by a head spiritual Lakota
trimming pot for money
swimming in the pacific
being gifted $1,000
meeting someone amazing who rides with us for part of the trip
staying in a trailer park
being fed by the homeless
singing silence
painting stillness
brushing up against death, but SURVIVING
dancing in circus parades
loving in all aspects of life

Yeah, that's all, haha. This is only the beginning and this list will only grow and become reality.


  1. That's an incredibly ambitious list. Good luck!

  2. So looking forward to hearing about this wonderful adventure as you experience it!

  3. Now that you are near your way to going to home have you experienced all of these things? ;).